In Search of Meaning – workshop print

In the winter, the view on the countryside is wide. The leaves are blown from the trees and their branches rise graphically against the cold, grey sky. In this winter academy, we want explored the landscape around the Scheersberg as a starting point for our printmaking work.

Fields, trees, houses has be expired, measured, drawn and photographed. At the beginning and also sometimes over the days of this year‘s Print Lab, we were outdoors, perceiving perspectives, exploring places and collecting structures. Growing, building, passing away. We also went to the Baltic Sea and asked ourselves the question what processes are hidden behind the obvious and what position we ourselves take in this relationship. Then we found ourselves in the printing workshop to edit the found material with the techniques of etching, woodcut, lithography and digital techniques. This is how graphic sheets and self-made books were created as the results of our „search for meaning“.

Results (photos) / Documentation (PDF)

scheersberg / december 2019
workshop leader: Alexander Frohberg/Leipzig, Andreas Wendt/Leipzig