winter academy “varieté” – workshop print / typography / book

Starting from the history of media Art, various printing techniques will be presented and proven in this workshop. Through an experimental approach to “black art”, the discussion on this year’s theme “Varieté” will be prepared. The use of various intaglio and relief printing methods, stencil printing, copy machine and typewriting as well as the subsequent processing of material with image processing or animation software, span a range from traditional to new media. Their link to the artistic investigation offers us the opportunity to reflect contemporary problems of social issues in the mirror of their medial presence. Thematically we approach the theme “Varieté” by recourse to the boom period of poster art (e.g.: Jules Cherèt, Steinlen, Toulouse-Lautrec). The pluralization of the modern art at the beginning of the 20th century, is evident also in posters, magazines and books of that time. Communication channels are always the medium of the different views, opinions and convictions of all contemporaries. The main eye of this one-week workshop lies in the wide range of the spectrum of media manifestations in which the variety of society is reflected.

As a result, artistic installations are created that use text, writing and book as a material starting point. In these “Wall-Books”, old and new media will be combined through poster and graphics series as well as video projections. In any case, the unmarked sheet becomes the stage for a “Varieté” of media.

Results (photos) / Documentation (PDF)

scheersberg / december 2017
workshop leader: Alexander Frohberg/Leipzig, Andreas Wendt/Leipzig